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kpop valentines

Oh wait GD and TOP look like they'd make cute boyfriends on valentine's too. I loveeee this video *-* What I don't love is how youtube has ads before videos now D:

Ohhh forever single Taeyang would be a cute valentine too.

If Taeyang did become your boyfriend he'd be there for you bbs <3

I forgot about this video/song, the choreography is fantastic, also shirtlessness.
atsu hmm


I was reading this mildly interesting book called Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference and it was talking representation, for instance how girls might be intimidated to take math classes of higher degree of difficulty b/c they don't see any other girls or female teachers who give them the push to believe that they can do well in these classes too. The concept was that people need to see others like them doing and succeeding at certain things before they do can feel confident to tackle that subject, and this bleeds over into why the number of women in certain fields or certain levels gradually diminishes.

When I read that it took me back to a personal experience, that of trying to network and communicate more with members of the graphic design community online. My first impression as how white and male dominated it was, and it seemed like an all boys club that was difficult to enter b/c these designers only really interacted with about 2 other women, and only those women seemed to be 'members' of the club. It was really disheartening to see that lack of diversity in terms of race.

I feel like graphic designers get obsessed with things like younger designers not being adept in knowing the history of every single font they use yet there is a complete lack of self awareness in terms of diversity in the industry. I haven't seen any design publication on newsstands ever address this and I don't even know if its something the industry even really thinks about. I have read blog articles about design firms headed by minorities having a harder time making it and gaining the types of clients that traditionally 'white' firms get access to.

So anyway that bit in the book made a light go off in my head and made me realize why I was disheartened and kind of turned-off trying to 'get into this boys only club' and it kind of killed a lot of the drive that I had at the beginning of the year to design more stuff. Its was like, 'whats the point of trying to communicate?' which is precisely the secondary psychological effect that the book described.
I'm glad I read about it b/c there are so many subliminal things wrecking havoc on our psyche and we don't or can't readily identify them until its too late.

ON the flipside of this, seeing a woman like Zuzanna from be so incredible fit and strong has really motivated me to keep working out and not be intimidated to try things like doing one legged pushups and to know that I can push my body b/c she is a woman and she achieves it.

Representation is important, seeing people like yourself achieving certain things plays a big role on your psyche but I guess in some instances we have to be the first ones to break thru the barrier so we can inspire others.

These days I'm very motivated about eating right and working out, achieving certain fitness goals, these are things you can track daily and see and feel the progress on your body but that happens b/c maximum effort is put into it and honestly I haven't been giving much effort to design outside of what my day job required and I need to stop being lazy and just do it D:
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Things that are awesome:

1. Dreams of Ewan McGregor *-*

LOL. I take it as a sign that I need to watch Ghost Writer again, I saw it in theaters and it was like interior decorating porn, the house they filmed in was so contemporary, flawless and amazing. Also Ewan's naked butt.

2. Moving to a bigger place

Anyway I moved a couple of weeks ago and have been settling into my new apt! Which is amazing, I finally upgraded to a 1BR after being in a studio for 3 yrs. Its odd to have so much more room and a REAL kitchen with counter space and lots of cabinets. I have to get a couple of pieces of furniture for my bedroom, I'll probably go to Ikea this weekend.

Bedroom. Bathroom, coat closet and kitchen on the right

Living area and kitchen

I haven't taken any new pics since I put in my furniture and decorated a little since its still a work in progress. I'll post pics once I go furniture shopping.

Although I LOVE my new apt, I miss my old neighborhood :/ As you've seen in pics it is really scenic and pretty and quiet, the area I moved to is a bit more commercial and close to one really annoying touristy spot but there are some nice up and coming restaurants in the area. What I do like about this neighborhood are the FOOD options :9 I've been broke as hell (since the deposit, first and last month's rent for this place completely wiped me out and I have a negative balance on my account ugh) so I haven't had the chance to dine out and explore this neighborhood's restaurants.

Philly's really turning into a hardcore foodie town, a lot of places are going towards bistro style dining with seasonal beer options b/c that's more affordable for ppl and it keeps restaurants in business. The uber fancy places seem to be declining. A lot of new restaurants are opening in the fall and pretty much all of them are casual or beer garden style (which is exciting to me b/c I'm beer obsessed.)
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fall must haves

Fall is upon us and NY Fashion Week is going on, these were my fav trends for Fall 2010 RTW which were presented at the beginning of this year but now we finally get to wear them! These are all from my fav store Zara and much more affordable lol.

My MUST HAVE item for fall is a camel coat, as seen in the collections for Michael Kors and Chloé. The Chloé collection has me obsessed with camel colored pieces, I can't have enough! These two looks are from Zara, the coat is about $230. I'd love to have those leather shorts but I saw them in the store today and they only had size 6 and up -.- Also I'm ALL about rolling up pants bottoms and exposing ankles and wandering around in high heels. In fact when I moved I pretty much threw out all my flats b/c I'm so into high heels at the moment and my flats were old and in need of replacement anyway. I might get kitten heels instead.
Slouchy rocker chic
Slouchy rocker chic
Another thing I'm really into is slouchy pants (also seen at Michael Kors)! I didn't get into the harem pants trend but I got these super comfy pair of T by Alexander Wang slouchy pants that I love to wear at calf length with heels and I think they look super awesome. I wanna get more pants like these cuz they're so perfect for the chilly weather. The look on the right is super hot! I'd probably wear it with leggings thou, her leather jacket has some faux shearing which was seen at Burberry *drools* Their collection of coats and boots made me sad to not be rich. I love some rock star and military looks in the fall/winter.

cute rihanna

working on my fitness~

So I'm mildly obsessed with fitness. It all started b/c I have that Hilary Duff prob where I have wide shoulders and my upper arms look thick, so I wanted to streamline all that and leaner arms with defined muscles. I started working out with this goal in mind about... 4 or 5 months ago, my progress was going great and I noticed visible changes. I used the Jackie Warner upper body workout routine from her first fitness dvd. I think I was working out at least 3-4xs a week. But then I got lazy and stopped for a while and lost some of the results of my hard work. But I've been back at it again for 2 months! (BTW Jackie's abs routine is also really amazing and it totally gave me leaner abs and a more defined waist-line.)

Anyway I love the girl in this video, her name is Zuzanna and she does these hardcore short interval but high intensity workouts, I think she's really inspiring. First her body is SO STRONG! If you're aren't familiar with some of the exercises she's doing and you try to do it you'll probably wanna die. They're very difficult and I dunno any dude who can do as many hardcore push-ups and repetitions are this woman. I enjoy doing strength training a lot more than cardio b/c the payoff in acquiring muscles/faster metabolism/calorie burning is more than you'd get from just doing cardio. Plus I like the challenge of strength training and I feel really pumped and strong after my workouts.

Through the use of short intense workouts that train muscular endurance, strength, power, and cardiovascular endurance all at the same time, you are able to build muscle while giving your metabolism a lasting boost.

Working out as really changed the way I carry myself, my posture and confidence. I'm a big proponent of women taking up weight exercises b/c lean toned muscles look amazing and sexy in my opinion and the added bonus of personal strength and confidence is great. I don't believe in ppl who say girls look manly with defined muscles, I mean the woman in the video is very toned and slim but I don't think there's anything manly about her. Plus that's a bunch of b.s to maintain some hetero-normative standard of beauty and women already deal with enough of the crap.

I think working out as also helped w/ other things like having less to almost non-existent cramps during my period and drinking a lot of water has also given my lighter periods I believe. I know some of you have severely horrible cramps so I think developing a workout routine will help, I definitely noticed a change in the past couple months. I mean having a good diet also helps, when my diet lacked protein my period was a nightmare, now that I consume more protein its also become a bit lighter.

Anyway I have a goal for next summer! I want a nicely toned body, I'm slim (114lbs) but I think achieving a toned body is really something worth pursuing and a good challenge and quite an accomplishment. Once you start working out an doing the routines it takes to achieve a body like Zuzanna's you understand why its such a challenge. :D So I'm going to try and keep up my workout routine and not falter or get lazy when it gets colder out! I'm gonna try and start doing some of Zuzanna's routine's in the coming weeks, right now I use a lot of the free and great workouts offered on demand on

Btw if you live in the U.S and wanna find cute, flattering workout gear at a good price checkout The cost of workout clothes and shoes can be staggering but they say having more options to workout in gives ppl more motivation and less excuses. There's no, "Oh all my socks my dirty or my workout outfit is in the wash so I can't do anything until I do laundry." D:
They also recommend scheduling your routines so that its a set obligation you have to meet, another thing is to workout everyday so it becomes an automatic part of your daily routine, even if you just do a 15 min routine. Zuzanna's routines are on avg 12 min and who doesn't have 12 min to spare during the day?