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12 September 2010 @ 01:47 am
fall must haves  
Fall is upon us and NY Fashion Week is going on, these were my fav trends for Fall 2010 RTW which were presented at the beginning of this year but now we finally get to wear them! These are all from my fav store Zara and much more affordable lol.

My MUST HAVE item for fall is a camel coat, as seen in the collections for Michael Kors and Chloé. The Chloé collection has me obsessed with camel colored pieces, I can't have enough! These two looks are from Zara, the coat is about $230. I'd love to have those leather shorts but I saw them in the store today and they only had size 6 and up -.- Also I'm ALL about rolling up pants bottoms and exposing ankles and wandering around in high heels. In fact when I moved I pretty much threw out all my flats b/c I'm so into high heels at the moment and my flats were old and in need of replacement anyway. I might get kitten heels instead.
Slouchy rocker chic
Slouchy rocker chic
Another thing I'm really into is slouchy pants (also seen at Michael Kors)! I didn't get into the harem pants trend but I got these super comfy pair of T by Alexander Wang slouchy pants that I love to wear at calf length with heels and I think they look super awesome. I wanna get more pants like these cuz they're so perfect for the chilly weather. The look on the right is super hot! I'd probably wear it with leggings thou, her leather jacket has some faux shearing which was seen at Burberry *drools* Their collection of coats and boots made me sad to not be rich. I love some rock star and military looks in the fall/winter.

Juunjuunanagou18 on September 12th, 2010 07:06 am (UTC)
I can't get into kitten heels nor slouchy pants/drop crotch. However, I have fallen prey to oxfords.

I love the second camel look (sweaters + shorts), but just cannot bring myself to wear neutrals. My closet is mostly winter colored, but lately I've just been buying white, black, and grey clothes.