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15 September 2010 @ 03:42 pm
Things that are awesome:

1. Dreams of Ewan McGregor *-*

LOL. I take it as a sign that I need to watch Ghost Writer again, I saw it in theaters and it was like interior decorating porn, the house they filmed in was so contemporary, flawless and amazing. Also Ewan's naked butt.

2. Moving to a bigger place

Anyway I moved a couple of weeks ago and have been settling into my new apt! Which is amazing, I finally upgraded to a 1BR after being in a studio for 3 yrs. Its odd to have so much more room and a REAL kitchen with counter space and lots of cabinets. I have to get a couple of pieces of furniture for my bedroom, I'll probably go to Ikea this weekend.

Bedroom. Bathroom, coat closet and kitchen on the right

Living area and kitchen

I haven't taken any new pics since I put in my furniture and decorated a little since its still a work in progress. I'll post pics once I go furniture shopping.

Although I LOVE my new apt, I miss my old neighborhood :/ As you've seen in pics it is really scenic and pretty and quiet, the area I moved to is a bit more commercial and close to one really annoying touristy spot but there are some nice up and coming restaurants in the area. What I do like about this neighborhood are the FOOD options :9 I've been broke as hell (since the deposit, first and last month's rent for this place completely wiped me out and I have a negative balance on my account ugh) so I haven't had the chance to dine out and explore this neighborhood's restaurants.

Philly's really turning into a hardcore foodie town, a lot of places are going towards bistro style dining with seasonal beer options b/c that's more affordable for ppl and it keeps restaurants in business. The uber fancy places seem to be declining. A lot of new restaurants are opening in the fall and pretty much all of them are casual or beer garden style (which is exciting to me b/c I'm beer obsessed.)
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Mina: puppy cakestereowaltz on September 16th, 2010 06:55 am (UTC)
woooo congratulations on the new apt! it looks very nice and clean :D I'm excited to see what it looks like all furnished since you have such good style!